Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Chairman

ABC have a new Chairman, James Spigelman, whom the Sydney Morning Herald describe in their Editor's Pick as "A man for all Seasons". Richard Ackland's gushing piece contains this line: "More than that the chairperson is the very embodiment of the independence and excellence of the entire outfit."

With this in mind, its helpful that one little fact missing from Ackland's piece has now been  pointed out in today's SMH letters page:

ABC of politics

In your report of the appointment of the ABC's previous chairman, Maurice Newman, in 2006 (Stock Exchange chief to chair ABC-14/12/2006), Mr Newman's political connections and close association with then Prime Minister, John Howard, were covered. However in covering the appointment of James Spigelman no mention is made of Spigelman's past connection to the Labor Party (''Former judge Jim Spigelman to be appointed ABC chairman'', March 8).
In the 1970s he served as a senior adviser to Gough Whitlam. It seems that the practice of appointing political allies to key government positions lives on under Prime Minister Gillard.

Marc Hendrickx

ABC NEWS WATCH wishes the new Chairman well. Here's hoping he will be more successful tackling ABC's Groupthink culture than previous chairman Maurice Newman. The ABC is for all Australians not just a select few.


  1. Bob of CastlemaineMarch 10, 2012 at 9:22 AM

    "... embodiment of the independence and excellence of the entire outfit."
    Really Richard? Maybe you should just stop taking whatever it is you're on, obviously it's not good for you.

  2. Yes, I am looking forward to observing Spigelman in action.

    As one of many who question "the independence and excellence" of the ABC, I wait with abated breath!



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