Saturday, March 24, 2012

Comments Policy Change

In recent correspondence with the ABC's Audience and Consumer Affair department we wrote:

I remain surprised that ABC still allows anonymous comment posting. A more responsible course of action that would not reduce the opportunity for ABC's audience to comment on articles, would be to require anyone contributing to use their real identity. Newspapers rarely allow anonymous letters to the editor and in the same way ABC should only publish comments people are prepared to stand behind.

ABC NEWS WATCH will now be instituting this policy. Anonymous comments will no longer be accepted. If you have something to say, be prepared to put your real name to it.


  1. Our ABC our Propaganda.

  2. AGW Nonsense, I appreciated the sentiment but as your post was nameless it does not accord with the new comments policy.


  3. Well the comment still stands.Your new policy is a good way to avoid comment and criticism don't you think.Once upon a time the ABC was one of the best News Services in the World, what happened to turn them into a Propaganda mouth piece with absolutely no credibility.G.Cross.(agw nonsense)Climate Change is Natural and CO2 is life.

  4. Please, please write something about the Barnaby Joyce/Jon Faine stoush this morning.

  5. I've just stumbled onto this page and considering you remain anonymous yourself I can't get beyond the overt hypocrisy of this bit of drivel to take much of your site seriously.... apologies if it's all a pisstake, but fuck me it's more than a tad rich if it ain't... crawl back out your own arsehole and smell the daisies dickwad.

    from one anonymous toxic ranter to another.


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