Monday, March 12, 2012

Chairman's old history-one of the Shepard's Hut gang

"Mr Spigelman one of the Shepard's Hut gang"
While its old history we found this press clipping from the July 6, 1975 edition of the Sydney Morning Herald of interest in relation to ABC's new Chairman. Best to read it via the link above unless you have really good eyesight.

SMH 6/7/1975


  1. Thank you, I had guessed that he is a Labor mate but I had no idea of the depth of the pedigree. No doubt he'll pull all stops out to help Juliar between now and the 2013 election.

  2. Great find Marc - there is no sign of the cafe in the phone book now. I was living in Canberra in those years - the office was in an industrial area of Qbn but I do not recall the place. We were always too busy to hang around coffee shops yakking.

  3. Was interested to see the difference in reporting in the SMH 1970s compared to today.

    The article mentions that the Shepard's Hut cafe burnt down.


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