Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chairman's old history: Part 2

Some more clipping for the 1970s.
In 1975 ABC's new chairman was appointed to head the Department of the Media. Deputy PM at the time, Dr Jim Cairns, had this to say about the appointment: "It is common in most countries especially the USA and the UK, for governments to appoint a person who is sympathetic to their point of view to these positions." (Cairns supports Spigelman, SMH 19/6/1975). 

"This is another blatant misuse of Labor executive power following the appointments of Messrs Wilenski, Spilgelman and Menedue and many others", Mr Garland declared.
"It is clear the government has learned nothing from earlier criticisms of permanent and partisan appointments, which damage the integrity of the Public Service"

From "Menedue's Efficiency impresses Fraser" SMH Nov.13, 1975
"Liberal ministers expect Mr Spigelman to resign if the coalition wins the December 13 election. They say that both his political associations and his lack of experience in the Public Service make him unacceptable as the head of another department."

On the position of chairman, Richard Ackland recently stated, in a piece  headed "Man for all seasons just what the ABC needs" More than that the chairperson is the very embodiment of the independence and excellence of the entire outfit.

Ackland ends: "The other job for which he would have been an excellent choice is chair of Ray Finkelstein's proposed News Media Council. Too late. Now he's got an entire, vast, publicly funded and vitally important media organisation to play with."

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