Friday, February 25, 2011

Breaking news - ABC reveal Nation's true traditional owners

YOUR taxes at work.
Additional mix ups between headlines and images immediately below and see HERE for some examples from last week. 


  1. Comment passed on from from MichaelC...Thanks for this. I only just now discovered the "Time Line Lie" complaint. A great job. In any quality system, discovering so many errors (especially non-random ones) would raise an even more important question of integrity of process itself. Evidently not at the ABC and not with ABC management; each error is in a universe of it's own. I was more disturbed that ABC program-related documents are exempted from FOI, confirmed by ABC vs UTS (2006) case. I guess their research should indeed be proprietary, but given the accusations of bias, this legislation should be revised, perhaps to include emails about the research (e.g. which material to include and which not) but not the research data itself. Thus opinions, instructions, policies, decisions produced by ABC staff should be public, while actual data could be exempted. Another thought - do you have a count of the number of complains of leftist bias versus rightist bias? Could be telling.

  2. While we have had a look at ABC News Productivity, we have not tallied Left vs Right bias over the whole news service.

  3. Erm ... check the file name on that image:

    It's the default image. I'm guessing it's what appears when they don't have a specific image to run. You'll be seeing a lot of it - today it's appearing alongside a story about dolphins.

    I'm glad somebody's keeping us safe from these nefarious misdeeds.


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