Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ABC Environment where the images tell the story

ABC Environment runs a feed of environmental news and feature articles. It appears the images and headlines are thrown together on a random basis, producing some mixed messages:
 A pine plantation wonderland?
 Mmmm Abalone Steak
Must be the toll booth on the new bypass
 Oldest cow or oldest stack of boxes?
Turns them into cows.
Snapper Cows
a non-liquid flood!
 Exotic pine fruit?
 Trout fishermen protest at introduction of Fresh water tuna.
 Amazing what you can do with GM these days! 
 In a cooling tower?
Says working for minimum wages beats eating flies
 Hunter region famous for wine, now famous for snow covered Alps
 New green meeting rooms declared a cozy success
 May wash away, pretty sand dunes
rice boom predicted
Everyone's a local now!
Hidden Reef revealed
Throws large chunk of reef at cow farmers
Broken Hill Reef to be mined!
Citizens run to the hills

ABC environment - a gift that keeps on giving!...and giving
 Ballarat: an alpine wonderland!
Surprising farmers, cane toads plant crops while tracking west
Fire crews express doubts over new protective clothing
Police seek where abouts of super strong man of Asian appearance
So well in fact there's nothing left!
 Avocado milk anyone?

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