Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Online Opinion: an appropriate space for ABC staff to post their views

Our article on ABC Environment's blatant bias and ignorance that featured in The Australian on Monday has now been reposted at Online Opinion ( Please take time to add your thoughts there and support Online Opinion. This is the sort of of web space ABC staff could be using to voice their views, rather riding on the back of the tax payer. The savings of cutting ABC's opinion pages would not be insignificant and could be used to pay for additional reporters, some of whom may be able to cover some of those missing news items. Alternately this money could be used to support sites like Online Opinion, be used elsewhere or returned to the tax payer.

Use of tax payers funds to provide free entertainment and information to a demographic that can well afford to pay for it is just another form of middleclass welfare. If ABC continues with its opinion content it should do so under a subscription model.

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