Thursday, February 3, 2011

ABC: Confusing activism for journalism

ABC's environment reporter Sara Phillips struggles to work out the difference between journalism and activism in this opinion piece paid for by the tax payer. Working hard to link the current weather to those nasty coal overlords Sara concludes "With predictions of increased devastating weather events, climate change will never be far from the national conversation." Especially if ABC reporters continue to confuse activism for journalism.

In contrast real journalists Graham Lloyd and Andrew  Fraser provide key background information in this article for The Australian, titled "Queensland's cycles of havoc". The Nature paper referred to in the article is titled "High frequency of 'super-cyclones' along the Great Barrier Reef over the past 5,000 years"
Prior to the Groupthink takeover ABC's Catalyst covered the release of this paper in an piece titled "Super Cyclone".

With Auntie's activists ruling the roost at ABC NEWS it's little wonder that ABC chairman, Maurice Newman's call to end the Groupthink on climate has been ignored.
Sadly for some, with no appreciation of history, the sky always appears to be falling.

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