Friday, January 28, 2011

Missing news:2010 cyclone activity

No ABC news thus far about 2010 cyclone activity from Florida State University's Ryan Maue
For the calendar-year 2010: 

**66-tropical cyclones globally, the fewest in the reliable record (since at least 1970) 
**46-tropical cyclones in the Northern Hemisphere, fewest since 1977 
**Global calendar year ACE total of 529 was the lowest since 1977. 
**The Northern Hemisphere ACE total of 373 was the lowest since 1977. 
**Combined North Eastern and Western Pacific ACE total of 171 lowest since at least 1970. 
**Western North Pacific had 8 Typhoons fewest in at least 65-years of records. 
**Eastern North Pacific had 8 TCs: 3 were hurricanes, the fewest since at least 1970. 
**North Atlantic ACE for 2010 was 170, the 11th most since 1950, and most since 2005.

Overall, since 1979: 
**Global Tropical Cyclone ACE shows no upward trend. 
**Northern Hemisphere TC ACE shows no upward trend. 
**Southern Hemisphere TC ACE shows no upward trend. 
**North Atlantic TC ACE has doubled since 1995, exactly compensated by a halving of Eastern Pacific ACE. It appears that in the context of global and NH ACE, the NATL increases are at the expense of the other basins, or simply within the common climate framework. 
**Global TCs of Tropical Storm force show no upward trend in frequency. 
**Global TCs of Hurricane Force + show no upward trend in frequency.

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