Monday, January 17, 2011

Before the ABC-Great flood at Echuca

ABC headline states: "Historic floodwaters swamp Victorian towns". Here's another story from a time before the ABC that helps put things into perspective.

Great Flood at Echuca (SMH-Tuesday 20 September 1870)
THE border country to the south-west has been visited by one of the severest floods experienced there for many years. The Riverine Herald states that the principal thorough-fare at Echuca (High-street), was submerged on the 10th instant, and that the houses flooded and property jeopardised or destroyed, indicate a flood higher than almost any, not quite all, from which Echuca has yet suffered.

Read the rest via the link above. Many more at the National Library's Newspaper Archive.


  1. Indeed this is all not new. (Try telling people that Brisbane floods that they have been worse in the past and they just refuse to beleive it.Sigh.)

  2. Gidday Marc - I do not mean to cross into the space you cover so well - but I have just posted re a misleading statement by John Barron of ABC News Radio - on ABC 24hr TV News last night. "Example of how the Australian media propagates misinformation"


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