Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Before the ABC: Horsham Floods

ABC report  that "More than 40 towns in Victoria have already been affected by unprecedented water levels."
These news reports from 1908-1920 suggest there may be more to come with Horsham affected by flooding 9 times in 13 years during a period when the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation was negative*.

Floods at Horsham The Argus Saturday 5 September 1908
Devastating floods. The Argus Saturday 21 August 1909
Horsham Streets Inundated The Argus Wednesday 7 September 1910
Mallee Rains Friday 10 February 1911
Horsham Streets Invaded The Argus Wednesday 18 September 1912
Horsham under water The Argus Thursday 23 September 1915Part of Horsham Inundated The Argus Thursday 31 August 1916
Horsham residents leave homes The Argus Wednesday 17 July 1918
Floods at Horsham The Argus Tuesday 14 September 1920

(*see for instance Figure 4 from Stafford Smith et al "Learning from episodes of degradation and recovery in variable Australian rangelands")


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