Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where to put Chris Uhlmann?

Last month we covered news that Gai Brodtmann, wife of ABC24's political editor Chris Uhlmann,  was running for the ALP in the seat of Canberra. It now seems that Gai Brodtmann has won the seat of Canberra despite a swing of about 6% against the ALP on primary vote (congratulations Gai). However given ABC's Editorial policy states:
4.4 Conflict of interest
4.4.1 There should be no conflict between the private interests of ABC staff and their official duties. The outside activities of staff, including financial, personal and political relationships, must not compromise the editorial integrity of ABC programs. Staff are expected to arrange their affairs in a manner that will prevent conflict of interest.
it seems that ABC will have to find Mr Uhlmann a new position. Given Chris has stated “It’s a perfectly reasonable thing to raise and I have no problems with people raising it at all."; we are interested in readers suggestions of where ABC can fit Mr Uhlmann to minimise the risk of a conflict of interest arising. Here are some suggestions:
Gardening Australia
Host of ABC3's Prank Patrol
ABC Sports commentator
Play school presenter
Sunday Arts
If you can find a spot for Chris let us know.


  1. Chris Uhlmann can keep going as a political journalist until he starts showing bias - at this stage all I have seen is very non-partisan reporting and he should not be shuffled off just because his wife is in the ALP - they are going to implode soon by the looks of it anyway...

  2. Kerry O'Brien has many relationships within the ALP and still heads the same satire show so why should Chris change.

  3. Foreign affairs or replace Kerry O'Brien-he would be far less biased and appear to have more integrity

  4. Yes he should take over from O'Brien. Red Kez is way past his biased use by date!

  5. He would make a better fist of the 7.30 Report than Kerry O'Brien. He has a good name for being impartial as all good reporters should be.

  6. Chris Uhlmann is the only political journalist on "our" ABC worth watching. He is impeccably unbiased and therefore the only real journalist they've got. Give him the 7:30 Report. Red Kerry has covered himself in ignominy way too often.

  7. sell the abc...its being run as a private co anyways.



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