Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Spring Fires in past times

ABC's sister publications THE AGE and the Sydney Morning Herald  linked yesterday's Sydney bushfires with Climate change. Before Auntie follows a similar path here are a few items from times past that might help provide some perspective...

These articles of note....
State wide heat, Bushfires. Sydney homes in Danger. SMH 13/9/1946

Heat in Sydney. The West Australian 9/9/1940
Drought and Bushfires The Advertiser Friday 13 September 1895
Bush Fires, Heat And Fierce Winds The Sydney Morning Herald  Friday 21 September 1945

Some other examples (sorry no links but if you are interested search NLA...
1965...HOTTEST SEPTEMBER DAY Early bushfires widespread, The Canberra Times 27 September 1965 
1994...Early start to bushfire season The Canberra Times 21 August 1994
1964...Bushfire danger. The Canberra TimesThursday 13 August 1964
1956...BUSHFIRE RISK IS GRIM STATES OFFICIAL. The Central Queensland Herald 13 September 1956
1950...Bushfire Peril In N.S.W. And Queensland The Advertiser 25 September 1950
1918...A Terrific Bushfire ENORMOUS DAMAGE IN TAMBO DISTRICT. MITCHELL, Townsville Daily Bulletin 26 September 1918
1932...HUGE BUSHFIRE. FARMS IN DANGER. Rockhampton Menace. The Brisbane Courier 27 September 1932

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