Friday, September 20, 2013

Re-writing climate commission history

Seems I am wrong on this. In 2010 the then Gillard government did indeed promise a climate commission. However it did promise it would be independent, sadly history shows it was not.

Our apologies to activist Sara on this point she is indeed factually correct. I should know by now not to rely on ABC news as a reliable source of information.


Original post below.

ABC's resident environmental activist, Sara Phillips writes the following in a blog post:
"The Climate Commission was an election promise from the Gillard Government during the 2010 poll."

No it was not!  What was promised was a "citizen's assembly". 

Let's re-wind to July 2010. From: Gillard to ask the people on climate change.

"A re-elected Labor government would ask a new "citizens' assembly" for climate change advice, under a key part of the ALP's new climate change policy set to be launched by Prime Minister Julia Gillard today."

From The World today: Labor's revised climate change policy

JULIA GILLARD: Consensus on this issue should not depend solely on a fragile agreement between political parties. Adopting a market based mechanism to price carbon will transform the way we live and the way we work. 

Such a major change cannot be made and unmade on the oscillations of the political pendulum. 

If we are re-elected I will deliver a dedicated process, a citizens' assembly to examine over 12 months the evidence on climate change, the case for action and the possible consequences of introducing a market based approach to limiting and reducing carbon emissions.

7/10/2013: Julia Gillard scraps climate assembly

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard has ditched her election policy of a climate change citizens' assembly.
Ms Gillard went to the election promising to bring together an assembly of 150 citizens to discuss ways to tackle climate change.
Speaking at a media conference after the first meeting of a new multi-party climate change committee, the prime minister said the policy would not go ahead.
"The committee concluded that in view of the creation of this committee and its intended outreach work that the proposal of a citizens' assembly should not be implemented and that there will be other ways of harnessing public dialogue engagement in the science of climate change and engagement in questions of pricing carbon,'' she said.
The Government will also set up a climate change commission.

Facts, such malleable items in the ABC hands.

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