Saturday, September 21, 2013

Balanced Climate Coverage!

Something you will not see on your ABC but available in THE AUSTRALIAN newspaper today....

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  1. Do our auntie media give a fair balanced view ? No it's all about poisoning the wells; the green/lefties injet poison at every opportunity. There were no BBC comedy sketches at all about Gillard. But the BBC already seem to air this sneer at Abbott which has no comedy value
    : "fan of old racist, sexist white men ? give us a twirl luv & fetch me a tinny"
    link : A nasty sneer at Tony Abbot, in NewsJack a BBC comedy radio show. Normally on NewsJack people send in their own sketch ideas and the producer selects the best ones for the team to make I don't know who authorised this one. (it's only on the BBC website for another 48 hours)


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