Saturday, September 7, 2013

Give ABC board control

ABC’s former chairmen Maurice Newman nailed the problem with the ABC: Groupthink. Groupthink on climate change, the environment, industrial relations, gender, marriage, the middle east. Name any issue and the ABC’s response can be predicted. In a multiple choice poll the ABC always promotes the response that characterises the loony left. This wouldn’t be a problem if the organisation was privately owned like the Green-Left Weekly, but it isn’t. It’s owned by the Australian people and its charter provides for the views of all Australians, not just the views of ABC’s city (ec)-centric staff.

With a new government in place it is time the ABC was placed back in the hands of the Australian people through its board. The ABC board, like the board of any organisation must be provided with the authority to run the ABC according to the ABC’s charter, not according to the whims of its groupthinking staff.

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  1. Group think was evident as recently as 1.00am today on ABC radio Sunday Nights/One-O'clock Chat Room. Both presenters (one ABC and one academic guest) were in agreement that the coalition's win only had down-sides. Foreign aid cuts and immigration were alluded to with polite but "bad" preview.


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