Thursday, April 21, 2011

When propaganda equals news.

Is it just me or does this report lack balance and lack inquiry? Carbon tax 'a scapegoat' for power bill rises
Odd that ABC ran the story even before the Climate Institute issued a press release (nothing at the Climate Institute website as of 9.00am today). Some questions:
Does ABC have an "embedded reporter" at the Climate Institute?
Can ABC spot the difference between propaganda and news?

Update: 14:30. Just noticed the Climate Institute have caught up with the ABC  their marketing arm. Must be nice to have Auntie in your back pocket.

H/T to The Loaded Dog


  1. The ABC was once the best source of news in Australia but something is seriously wrong when against all common sense and science they start preaching global warming and IPCC political views.You work for me on my dollar and I expect the truth.there are something over 30 thousand scientists who disagree with the IPCC and its doctrine,its time to earn back some credibility

  2. The original title of this piece was "Power bills to slightly rise with carbon tax: report"

    That's nice, the first thing you read at their ABC on this piece is that a carbon tax will result in just a "slight" rise in power bills, and we're assured:-

    "The actual impact, if we do get on with the job [of pricing carbon], is around the cost of a sausage sizzle a week for households and that's before any of the support kicks in," Climate Institute chief executive John Connor said."

    So, go without your weekly sausage sizzle to "save the planet" huh?

    Yeah, well I'll stick to the sausage sizzle thanks and forgo the "saving the planet" via a wealth redistribution program thanks.

    What they did conveniently leave out when "reporting" on this was that the meager price increase - yearly x 52 weeks - is roughly $200.00. That buys a hell of a lot of sausages. In fact you could buy a hearty supply of rib fillet with $200.00

    200 bucks doesn't sound so "meager" though does it?

    Even the activist editors at ABC must have thought the previous title was a bit rich; it was removed and replaced with the current title "Carbon tax a 'scapegoat' for power bill rises" just before 8.00am.

    Didn't help much. It still smells like activism to me.

    The Loaded Dog

  3. the last price of Carbon at the Chicago Carbon Exchange was$0.05 a ton enough said.cheers


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