Monday, April 4, 2011

Help restore the balance: support Menzies List

ABC have published their annual report into Equity and Diversity. While there has been an increase in the number of women, indigenous Australians, the disabled and  Australians from non-English speaking backgrounds, it seems that the number of ABC employees voting for conservative and center-right political parties remains at an all time low and if anything the numbers are falling dramatically*.  This does not reflect the spread of political attitudes in the community that are pretty much evenly divided between right and left.

To instill some balance, common sense and rational opinion to "our" ABC, we propose the establishment of "Menzies List". From now on, as vacancies arise in the ABC, positions will be filled from Menzies List until balance is restored (given there are currently so few conservative employees this may take some time).

Extreme prejudice requires extreme action. You know it's right. Write to your MP today, insist the ABC employ Menzies List to fill future vacancies. Do your part to help break ABC's GROUPTHINK culture.

*Perhaps this helps explain ABC's falling productivity? 

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