Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No Balance in Q and A coverage

The Australian's Cut and Paste highlight a one sided report by ABC News titled "Anti-Discrimination chief attacks intervention". Seems that ABC's Groupthink culture is not limited to one sided coverage of the climate change debate but also encompasses social issues as well.
ABC report "The Anti-Discrimination Commissioner says the federal intervention in the Northern Territory is "counter-intuitive" and disempowers Aboriginal people." 

From the Q and A transcript
Tony Jones to Central Australian Aboriginal activist Bess Price: Are you still for the intervention, by the way?
Price: I am for the intervention because I've seen progress. I've seen women who now have voices. They can speak for themselves and they are standing up for their rights. Children are being fed and young people more or less know how to manage their lives. That's what's happened since the intervention.

ABC did not think this worth a mention?

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