Monday, September 22, 2014

ABC in a muddle defining Sharia

Only the ABC can ask the question, What is Sharia? and come up with the answer: "a path to water".

So a top ten list:
ABC tackle some other definitions of the 21st century:

1. Suicide bomber/be-heading: one of a number of systems of de-population intended to reduce the impact of climate change.
2. Summer/Winter: climate change in action.
3. Environment: GAIA - our overlord, all praise the earth goddess and her facilitators.
4. Air conditioning: one of the top 5 social problems of our age .
5. Current government: a blockage on the pathway to GAIA.
6. The Greens: Facilitators of GAIA, praise be upon them.
7. Wind Power: circulating the fragrant farts of GAIA (What bird carcasses?)
8. Coal: Black vile, evil substance.
9. Nuclear Power: see coal, just a different colour

and the top ABC definition

10. ISIS/L:  a group of people on a path to water

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