Thursday, September 18, 2014

Abc board lead the way

ABC board member Fiona Stanley puts her foot in it. When the board has such disregard for the facts how is it capable of providing much needed leadership?

From The Australian:

Stanley wrong on ABC stand

THE ABC is vital to Australian democracy because it provides accurate and unbiased reporting in a country “poorly served by other parts of the media”, ­according to an opinion piece published by Fairfax yesterday.
But the article, by one of the broadcaster’s board members — epidemiologist and 2003 Australian of the Year Fiona Stanley — misrepresents The Australian.
Rest here.

Is ABC calling for its own sale?

In order to buttress her case against efficiencies and spending cuts at the corporation, Professor Stanley claimed it had a budget last year of $825.7 million. Yet, as has often been reported, the ABC receives annual taxpayer funding of more than $1 billion. According to the Department of Communications website the allocation last year was $1.05bn. The figures differ by 21 per cent, or $179.3m.

An ABC board member proving The Australian’s point in a Fairfax paper

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