Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ABC's catastrophists

Over at Bunyip's lair....Take a number, ABC catastropharians

Meanwhile last night on lateline Mark Colvin's fellow alarmist presenter EMMA ALBERICI, failed to press alarmist economist Chris Hope on the likelihood a mass injection of natural gas in the near future that would cause $60 trillion damage to the world's economy. Dr Evil asked for less!

The paper Emma forgot to mention, also missed Colvin's attention. Here it is again:
The criticism that Mark and his forgetful reporter Stephanie Smail forgot to mention (one of many, but this the most succinct):
A catastrophic release of the potent greenhouse gas methane in the Arctic could cause a sudden warming with massive economic consequences says a commentary published in the esteemed scientific journal Nature WednesdayYet most everything known and published about methane indicates this scenario is very unlikely. This piece should never have been published without discussing this critical point.


And, here’s the kicker: Nature, the same journal which published Wednesday’s commentary, published a scientific review of methane hydrates and climate change by Carolyn Ruppel in 2011 which suggests the scenario in said commentary is virtually impossible. The review states:
Catastrophic, widespread dissociation of methane gas hydrates will not be triggered by continued climate warming at contemporary rates (0.2ÂșC per decade; IPCC 2007) over timescales of a few hundred years. Most of Earth’s gas hydrates occur at low saturations and in sediments at such great depths below the seafloor or onshore permafrost that they will barely be affected by warming over even [1,000] yr.

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