Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Missing Voices: Judy Curry

ABC are yet to invite climate scientist Judy Curry onto The Science show or elsewhere.
Professor Curry is the Chair, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology. She writes at Climate Etc. Here is an extract from her post on the deceptive behaviour of activist scientist Peter Gleick:

Gleick’s ‘integrity’

The Artless Climate Wars
If Gleick et al. view this whole endeavour as fighting a war, they would be well advised to read Sun Tsu’s Art of War; see also my previous discussion of theArtless Climate Wars:
Apart from the “why” of the climate wars, the “how” needs to be looked at also.  It seems that those fighting to defend the IPCC consensus never read the Art of War.  Translated to the climate war, Sun Tzu’s principles might look something like this:
  • Outsmart your opponent so that battles aren’t necessary
  • Pick your battles carefully.
  • In the course of your battle, don’t lose the moral high ground.
  • Divide and conquer; don’t give your enemy cause to rally together and combine forces
  • Overconfidence can be fatal to your strategy
  • If the campaign is prolonged, the resources will not be equal to the strain
  • If you know your enemy, you can win battles without a single loss
Gleick’s strategy has failed on all counts.  I don’t think this is from the Art of War, but I read it somewhere and it seems apt:  When fighting a war, don’t waste a bullet on yourself (ouch).
The end result of Gleick’s actions are to cede the high ground to Heartland, especially in light of the fact that Heartland had invited Gleick to a debate shortly before the theft of the documents occurred.

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