Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Missing News: Fakegate

Naturally if you just rely on the ABC for your daily summary of what's been happening on our little blue marble, it may come as a surprise to learn that a number of documents were recently illegally acquired from the Heartland Institute in the United States of America. The illegally obtained documents provide a recent snapshot on Heartland's mission "to discover, develop, and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems." The Heartland Institute are the publishers of the Non-governmental International panel on climate change (NIPCC) report that challenges and disagrees with aspects of the findings of the Intergovernmental panel of climate change (IPCC). One of the illegally obtained documents, one lauded by activists as highly damaging to Heartland has been shown to be a fake, hence "Fakegate". Again while the rest of the world knows this, it is still to be news to the ABC's audience.
ABC's audience will also have to go elsewhere to discover the source of the illegally obtained documents was none other than an activist scientist, whose reputation as a scientist is now in tatters, his reputation as an activist, for a cause, however is made.

Just wondering how long it will take for the ABC to produce a report, or like the second batch of climategate emails is something else more important?

Apologies for the woeful summary.

The blogosphere has long surpassed ABC's news coverage, hence we offer the following links:
Andy Revkin's blog: Peter Gleick Admits to Deception in Obtaining Heartland Climate Files
One way or the other, Gleick’s use of deception in pursuit of his cause after years of calling out climate deception has destroyed his credibility and harmed others. (Some of the released documents contain information about Heartland employees that has no bearing on the climate fight.) That is his personal tragedy and shame (and I’m sure devastating for his colleagues, friends and family).

Judy Curry's Climate Etc: Breaking News: Gleick Confesses
Gleick on integrity:
A brief lesson in the integrity of science
Climate Change and the Integrity of Science, Again
AGU’s new task force on scientific integrity and ethics begins
Threats to the integrity of science: congressional testimony

I even referenced his testimony in my uncertainty monster paper.
My first interaction with Gleick was he invited me to speak in an AGU session that he was organizing on the integrity of science, my presentation can be found here.
He has made it known to me via email that he has been displeased with my “behavior.” I seem to have gotten his goat to have been mentioned in the fake Heartland strategy doc (hard to believe that he didn’t write this).The irony of it all, this coming from a scientist that has made a particular point about integrity and written many essays and even testified to congress on the subject.Peter Gleick Admits to Deception in Obtaining Heartland Files

Watts Up with That: 
For the record Dr. Gleick, I am not “anonymous, well-funded, and coordinated” as you suggest. And you have damaged me and my business. I suspect I’ll be seeing you in court to protect my rights, along with many others, sir.

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