Monday, October 10, 2011

ABC snowball Alpine report

ACM have some questions for ABC news....

ABC's spin on Alpine catchment report

Following on from the “no snow by 2050″ story earlier today, the ABC gleefully reports more doom and gloom on the state of the alpine catchments. Perhaps they thought nobody would check:

SIMON SANTOW (ABC World Today): Sixty per cent of the 235 catchments are rated poor to moderate – most are declining.(source)

See the real picture at ACM.

Looking over the report it seems ABC did not question the dodgy method that was used to come up with the assessment. The summary report states:

“The assessment was based on judgments from individuals and not by quantitative data and systematic survey and this was an important limitation. In addition, no field survey or ground truthing was completed.” (from p.21) Source is here (9MB PDF).
Best not to let the facts get in the way of a good scare story.

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  1. Why don't viewers use webcams to look at items such as snow fields in NSW, Vic.?
    It's easy, just enter into your search engine, - webcam Kosciuzko, or webcam Thredo for NSW and follow the various links to webcams.
    Today (18/10/11) shows snow cover on the higher fields and Kosciuzko walk is snowed in, temperature -4degC.
    As we're well into Spring, it is surprising there is snow on the ground.


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