Thursday, August 25, 2011

Missing News: CERN vindicates Svensmark

There are a couple of climate science related papers in the most recent issue of Nature (Volume 476 Number 7361 pp371-482),.
One speculates on the relation between climate and civil conflicts (HERE), and the other presents experimental results that provide support to the notion put forward by Solar Physicist Henrik Svensmark that Cosmic rays play an important role in cloud formation (HERE) and hence affect global climate.

Which one will the ABC report on? I'm guessing the former will receive more favourable treatment than the later.
Update: My they are predictable! Nothing on the CERN results, but there's this article on the climate-conflict link...Study proves climate a trigger for conflict

UPDATE 2: ABC finally get on board...Mystery factor clouds climate science

Nigel Calder, a former New Scientist editor, provides a run down on the CERN result HERE.
Here's some coverage  from the Institute of Physics
"Svensmark welcomes the new results, claiming that they confirm research carried out by his own group, including a study published earlier this year showing how an electron beam enhanced production of clusters inside a cloud chamber. He acknowledges that the link between cosmic rays and cloud formation will not be proved until aerosols that are large enough to act as condensation surfaces are studied in the lab, but believes that his group has already found strong evidence for the link in the form of significant negative correlations between cloud cover and solar storms (which reduce atmospheric ionization). "Of course, there are many things to explore," he says, "but I think that the cosmic-ray/cloud-seeding hypothesis is converging with reality.""

UPDATE: Seems ABC's scare mongering affiliate "The Conversation" have got around to opening their latest copy of Nature. No guesses as to what they have reported on. See...The El Niño effect: how the weather makes wars

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  1. Bob of CastlemaineAugust 29, 2011 at 2:26 PM

    In keeping with their policy of balance we saw yet another serving of "climate change" alarmism dutifully broadcast today on ABC TV's Midday news report. This presented as an opportunistic attempt to link the recent "unbiased" study by the Climate Institute A Climate Of Suffering with the hysteria promoted by Obama and others surrounding hurricane Irene, a category one hurricane which has rapidly degraded to tropical storm with 80 kph winds.
    Cyclone activity has been at a low level for some years now, so I suppose we should show pity for the alarmists as they latch onto any bad weather that comes along, no matter how unremarkable.
    Goodness only knows what level of hysteria ABC would dish up were we to get a system of the intensity of some of the hurricanes of the past. For instance what would be the reaction to a hurricane such as the one that devastated Texas on 8 September 1900, reported to have claimed as many as 12,000 lives? The sad thing of course is that man certainly can't control the weather and inevitably these storms will come again.
    As for the Climate Institute's A Climate Of Suffering, is it any wonder that some people may now be displaying mental illness when they have been subjected to such a constant barrage of alarmist propaganda designed specifically to scare them witless. Particularly in the current generation of kids and young adults when it compounds 10 -15 years of brain washing at the hands of believer teachers.


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