Friday, August 12, 2011

Claims left unchallenged

ABC provide this report that claims a study by the ACTU and the Australian Conservation Foundation has found strong action on climate change will lead to job growth on the New South Wales mid-north coast. 

At the end of the report Don Henry, Executive Director of the Australian Conservation Foundation, claims "But the bottom line is when you look at independent research, it shows, for example, for the mid-north coast, that we'll see strong job growth over the next 20 years and that makes sense because as you cut pollution and have a cleaner economy, it creates job opportunities."

This claim is left unchallenged by the ABC. Since when did a woeful report by the ACTU and ACF constitute "independent" research? To cap it off the "study" is actually old news based on a May 2010 study by the ACTU and ACF announced HERE

And somehow ABC regard this lack of inquiry and recycling of old news as journalism!

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