Wednesday, August 23, 2017

ABC wrong on Cook, Cox and Macquarie

The Australian have published a piece by Keith Windschuttle, that responds to a dispicable essay by Stan Grant that compares British Colonisation of the country with the US slave trade.

Let Cook and Macquarie stand: Grant and Taylor are wrong

Grant’s attempt to drag the legacy of the American civil war into Australian history does not fit in any way, and his attempt to promote a political campaign against the public statues of some of the great men of Australian history, especially Cook and Macquarie, is sheer journalistic opportunism.

Grant and others in the media are encouraging racial conflict for no good reason, except for the dramatic news reports they would like to see generated.

They should be ashamed of themselves for their wanton provocation.

Keith Windschuttle is the editor of Quadrant and the author of The Break-up of Australia: The Real Agenda Behind Aboriginal Recognition (Quadrant Books).

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