Monday, November 7, 2011

We're all going on a summer holiday

ABC's annual summer break seems to be starting earlier and earlier:

 John, Tony and Kerry start their summer holidays,
No more working for the next three months.
Fun and laughter on their summer holidays,
provides a break in the Groupthink in so many ways,
but only for the next ninety days. 

They're going where the sun shines brightly
Perhaps attending a climate conference or two.
Watching repeats of Al Gores' Movie,
can't believe they think that crap is all true?!

Everybody wants an ABC summer holiday,
It's three months off thanks to their old Aunty. 
They get three months break for their summer holidays, 
it's same as long service leave for you and me.
But just another well earned break for John, Tony and Kerry.
Out of the taxes paid by you and me, 
I'm sure they'll have a drink or three.
(Sorry Cliff)

4 Corners 7/11/2011This is the final Four Corners for 2011. We will return in on Monday 6 February, 2012

Media Watch 7/11/2011.  Gerard Henderson finds the oh so high productivity perhaps behind the early on set of summer.

"Last Monday, Jonathan Holmes announced that next week’s edition of the ABC1 Media Watch program would be the last for 2011.  Just how much the Media Watch staff deserve a well-earned break is evident from Andrew Murfett’s sympathetic piece titled “Watchdog has his day” which was published in The Age’s “Greenguide” on 27 October 2011.  Holmes told Murfett:
We have six well-paid journalists working on 2000 words a week. We have three full-time researchers, a producer, a story editor and executive producer.
And then there is Jonathan Holmes himself – who is the seventh left-wing presenter (out of seven) to present Media Watch since it first went to air in May 1989.  His predecessors are the lefties Stuart Littlemore, Richard Ackland, Paul Barry, David Marr, Liz Jackson and Monica Attard.
So Media Watch has seven full-time staff producing 2000 words a week to occupy 13 minutes on-air time for the nine months or so in which the program is shown each year. ABC management and staff are invariably whinging about not receiving enough taxpayer funds. Yet, according to Jonathan Holmes, seven well-paid full-time staff are flat out at Media Watch producing 2000 words between them each week – which works out to less than 60 words per working day."
Q and A 7/11/2011: For the final show of 2011, host Tony Jones is joined by Liberal MP, Malcolm Turnbull; Jessica Rudd; Ray Martin; Labor MP, Kate Ellis; and Former Howard Government Minister, Peter Reith.

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  1. I see Four corners finished in fine form with a rather one sided alarmist view about Gladstone harbour. I can't decide which is worse the ABC harping on about environmental catastrophe or the mindless commercial stations going on about shonky tradesmen, moneylenders etc. Regrettably the ABC has descended to emotional appeal rather than considered analysis.


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