Monday, November 14, 2011

Lies of the climate commission Part 8

Another error from expert Climate Commissioner Will Steffen. On yesterday's Bolt Report he blamed recent flooding rains in southern Australia on "El Nino" 4:04 "The recent El Nino driven rain not withstanding..."

I guess he meant to say "La Nina".
"The term La Niña refers to the extensive cooling of the central and eastern Pacific Ocean. In Australia (particularly eastern Australia), La Niña events are associated with increased probability of wetter conditions."

Once again the climate commission demonstrates it is not a reliable source of accurate information about climate change.


  1. Maybe you should consider closing down this blog and starting up a climate change blog instead? Seems to be what you spend most of your time writing about. This isn't your first post entirely unrelated to the ABC.

  2. This fits with the general Missing News meme the blog has covered for some time. Such incompetence by an expert is newsworthy and worth covering by the ABC. "Climate Commissioner mistakes Nina for Nino" perhaps being a suitable headline.


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