Thursday, November 10, 2011

Alice Springs faces propaganda onslaught

ABC breathlessly report on the climate commission's tax payer funded holiday to the red centre.
According the ABC, Klimate Kommissar Lesley Hughes has stated: "Alice Springs could have almost a month more of weather above 35 degrees."

No mention by the ABC or the Klimate Kommissars that climate models used to provide this prediction are hopeless at forecasting future climate states. No surprise given the ABC and the Government's climate propaganda unit, its climate commission, continues to ignore anything in the scientific literature that does not fit its world view. 

According to the BOM Alice has about 90 days per year above 35. The graph below shows the current average (in green) compared to the period 1941-1970 (red). Not much there; a slight increase in winter temps, but nothing over the summer months that would suggest a dramatic increase in the number days above 35. On face value it appears there has been no significant climate change in Alice since records were established!

Graph of selected monthly climate statistics

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