Friday, July 22, 2011

Missing News: Sea level rise on the wane

Simon at ACM has post describing a new paper that concludes that rises in sea levels are "decelerating".
See ACM for the details.
The Australian has this REPORT.


UPDATE (thanks to Anon): ABC catch up with the rest of the planet...Sea rise slow down raises questions
(oddly this report does not appear to have made it as a news item in ABC's News Archive). Note the tone at the end of the ABC article...

Dr Howard Brady, a former geologist and now honorary associate at the School of Biology at Sydney's Macquarie University, says the study highlights the gap between models and historical data.

"Modelling is very important because it can give us some idea of how things interact, but it doesn't necessarily give us an accurate projection of the future," says Brady. "The idea that the science is settled ... that's not true."

Dr Kathleen McInnes, a climate researcher at CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric research, says a range of sources are used to analyse sea levels, including tide gauges, satellites and geological records.

She dismisses claims that sea levels will only rise by 15 centimetres this century.

"The Watson paper is not about future projections, it is about past observations. Drawing any connection is misleading," says McInnes.
(Ed. what a ridiculously, uninformed statement, the past is the key to the present)
She says the most recent IPCC report predicts sea levels will rise between 20 and 80 centimetres by the end of this century. (Ed. Like IPCC projections are proving reliable)

"There is a much bigger body of evidence supporting the IPCC projections (Ed.  yeah, those debunked climate models) than there is from single papers in the scientific literature. You have to be very careful when a single paper is cited as though this is the state of the science."


  1. Hi,
    Why am I not surprised at this. It is what you would expect from "our" ABC.

  2. Bob in CastlemaineJuly 22, 2011 at 8:38 PM

    The BBC has been allowing the deniers too much time. With Gillard and Brown's opportunistic witch hunt to silence News Corp in full swing, maybe we can soon also expect to see an even less time allowed by the ABC to man made climate change sceptics. The BBC report by regular paid BBC contributor Professor Steve Jones states that:
    "Attempts at balance were giving "free publicity to marginal opinions". the BBC Trust-published report said".



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