Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Missing News: More problems with IPCC AR4

Judy Curry has an interesting post on her blog Climate Etc by Nic Lewis, titled "The IPCC’s alteration of Forster & Gregory’s model-independent climate sensitivity results", that provides an in depth examination of the manner the IPCC manipulated results in a peer reviewed paper to bias the result.

"Here I demonstrate an error in the core scientific report (WGI) that came about through the IPCC’s alteration of a peer-reviewed result.  This error is highly consequential, since it involves the only instrumental evidence that is climate-model independent  cited by the IPCC as to the probability distribution of climate sensitivity, and it substantially increases the apparent risk of high warming from increases in CO2 concentration."

Nic Lewis co-authored an important study missing from ABC's news archive. We covered this missing news in January. Still no mention of this work in ABC's parallel universe.

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