Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A modest contribution to the IPCC

The IPCC have finally go around to listing corrections made to AR4, Working Group II Table 10.2. While we take credit for the corrections and the lines added to the errata (see below), it could not have happened without the lack of inquiry and curiosity shown by ABC News.
I guess the "thankyou" is in the mail!
For the full story see articles listed under the Himalaya/IPCC page.

Table 10.2, lines 31-32 (Nepal entry). Replace "0.09°C per year in the Himalayas and 0.04°C in Teral region, more in winter" with "For 1977-94: 0.090°C per year in Trans-Himalaya and 0.057°C per year in the Himalaya, more in winter; 0.041°C per year in Terai region". Add "Shrestha et al., 1999" to References column.

Table 10.2, lines 40-42 (Sri Lanka entry). Replace "0.016°C increase per year between 1961 to 90 over entire country, 2°C increase per year in central highlands" with " 0.016°C increase per year between 1961 to 90 over entire country, with regional increases ranging from 0.008 to 0.025°C per year."

Add "Shrestha, A.B., C.P. Wake, P.A. Mayewski and J.E. Dibb, 1999: Maximum temperature trends in the Himalaya and its vicinity: an analysis based on temperature records from Nepal for the period 1971-94. J.Clim., 12, 2775-2786."


  1. Not to worry, the alarmists will conveniently ignore these corrections in the same manner they have ignored climategate, the failure of every doomsday prediction they have made, the Court rulings in the UK about Al Bores fiction movie, the opinions of dissenting scientists & observed evidence that falsifies their we're all gong to burn hypothesis because it's not about evidence or science, it's about their Gaia worship & faith.

  2. Probably off topic, but I would like to suggest you do a breakdown of the reporting from The Drum, 7:30 & Lateline for the last week. In the breakdown cover time allocated per topic, Headline graphic & content, affiliations of guests interviewed & their overall stance on the issues that the ABC believes are the focus of the nation. After all they pride themselves in presenting the views of the Nation & talking about what concerns us. Quite appauling really.


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