Monday, March 14, 2011

ABC NEWS 24: Spectacular failure

Media Diary looks at ABC NEWS 24 coverage of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami finding it ranks as a spectacular failure:  ABC News 24 fails big test

Tim Blair has also cast an eye over ABC NEWS 24 woeful coverage. Looking for news of the devastating earthquake in Japan but finding old news and repeats...SLOW NEWS DAY

UPDATE: Tim Blair provides more detail about how ABC has blown $20 million dollars of your money on a white elephant....Tsunami Minimised


  1. Comedy Gold, 11:30AM & have just watched ABC News24 complete with the "Stay Tuned for continuous News coverage on News 24" at the end of the segment, followed by a repeat of Inside Business.

  2. I think the problem may just be in the interpretation. People assume that News24 stands for News 24/7. It would appear what they really mean is News 24 minutes/day.

  3. Now lets have a look at the quality of reporting from our ABC. Hayden Cooper reporting from outside Sendai, "Standing outside this railway station, it's hard to beleive this used to be part of Public Transport Infrstructure."

    What is hard to beleive Hayden, that the Platforms & rail lines clearly visible in your segment are part of the transport network? How so? Or is it hard for you to beleive that the fact of it being publically funded infrastructure somehow failed to imbue the network with some form of magical immunity to natural disasters? Now I realise taxation has the ability to reduce my disposable income to SFA, & whilst there is nothing magical about that, who'd have thought tax could make structures immune to disaster.

    Only on our ABC. How much do we pay these pillocks?

  4. I think the problem was that it happened late in the day, and towards the weekend and the ABC news team likes to get home before the traffic builds up too much, so they just took a BBC feed and kept repeating it. Loved the way, on Saturday morning, they showed a NHK report with an acknowledgement printed over the subtitles- just enough so you could see they were there, but you couldn't read them.

    The most infuriating thing is those scrolling stories across the bottom of the screeen- they don't even bother to report most of tham in the news bulletins, and some don't even get a run on the ABC news website.


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