Monday, November 1, 2010

The other BER

During 2009–10, the ABC spent $3 227 083 on consultants. ABC's annual  report for 2009-2010 indicates this included $1,467,602 on four "Business effectiveness reviews", unfortunately none of it ended up with ABC News Watch. This despite our Productivity survey demonstrating significant issues with ABC's "business effectiveness".

It also spent $47893 on a review of Editorial Policies. As we saw no changes we guess that ABC paid consultants nearly $50K to state "They're Okay by us", or words to that effect. No doubt the actual report contained a few filler pages, we presume mostly made up of ABC's editorial Policy as the main Appendix. This is one we'll be putting our hand up for next year.

There was also $342031 for unspecified "International Development Projects". More information required here-are these staff holiday's we're talking about?

ABC also spent $10 925 949 on marketing and advertising, about $840K more than in 2008-2009. For an organisation that does not permit ads it certainly spends a few bucks on self promotion. Presumably some of these dollars spent promoting material authored by staff.

The ABC advisory council once again proved their worth offering 2 recommendations, and 10 commendations.

Surely confirms ABC as the other BER for 2010.

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