Monday, November 22, 2010

ABC's climategate

Gavin Atkins look at ABC's failure to cover the CRU email scandal:
How Australia's ABC missed Climategate
"But, astonishingly, what was quite possibly the biggest story of 2009 was not reported at all on the main 7pm bulletin of the ABC television news."


  1. IMHO the ABC did not "miss" Climategate - they would have been watching carefully and it was a deliberate policy not to report - conspiracy anyone ? Similar to the Fairfax press. We get the Canberra Times and I recall it was a long time before I saw a reference to Climategate.

  2. The question you have to really ask is have they missed Wikileaks? And if not why?

  3. They didn't completely miss climategate, they just delayed any reporting until the weekend was over.

    The leak happened on Thursday evening our time.
    I complained to the ABC about their lack of reporting about it at Sunday November 22, 2009 at 14:37:05 via their Lateline web feedback form.

    The ABC's reply sent at 27/11/09 11:12:4 was a list of 4 articles published on their web site about the CRU leak, with the earliest news being broadcast on Lateline on Monday night.

    This one is priceless for the Tim Flannery quote.

    So they didn't miss it, they just sat on it for four days.


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