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Jones' BBC Interview missing in action-reports no warming since 1995

UPDATE 22/3/2010 see outcome below and comments HERE
ABC'S MISSING HEADLINE: 'CLIMATEGATE' expert Jones says Medieval Warm Period debate not settled", or "UEA climate scientist, Phil Jones, admits current warming is not unprecedented". "Climate scientists claims no statistically significant warming since 1995"

Here is the BBC headline from 13/2/2010: 'Climategate expert Jones says data not well organised'

ABC DID NOT REPORT: As of 14/2/2010 7:45 am ABC has not reported on the BBC interview with University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit Director Dr Phil Jones. The interview was conducted by the BBC's environment analyst  Roger Harrabin.  Dr Jones is at the centre of the 'Climategate' scandal in which over 1000 emails and numerous data files and reports were leaked (or hacked) and posted on the internet in November 2009. The BBC report of the interview can be found HERE, and the interview questions and Dr Jones' response can be found HERE. Dr Jones makes several revelations regarding climate science including: No statistically significant warming since 1995.
Debate over Medieval Warm Period not settled.
The rates of warming from 1860-1880, 1910-1940 and 1975-1998 were statistically identical 
Cooling from January 2002 is not statistically significant but has occurred (-0.12C per decade)
Says the debate is not over!

THE COMPLAINT: ABC claims to be Australia's most trusted, independent source of news. News should be reported in a timely manner. Why has this report not been reported on? If by the time this complaint is received a report has been made, why did the ABC take so long to report on it? 
Can the ABC please provide a report on this important interview so Australian audiences without access to BBC can be informed of the significant revelations in Dr Jones' interview. 

OUTCOME: 22/3/2010:

Thank you for your emails of 14 February and 17 March 2010.

Section 5.2.2(d) of the ABC Editorial Policies states that editorial judgements are based on news values.   What is, or is not, considered newsworthy is a decision made at the discretion of ABC News editorial managers, based on their considerable editorial experience.

ABC News Online is not a specialist website reporting only on the topic of climate science and not every development or aspect of the issue will be reported on the site.  ABC News editorial managers will continue to assess stories on this subject on their merits.

The ABC Editorial Policies are available online at the attached link;

Please be assured that your comments have been duly noted.

COMMENT: News is only News for so long. Non reporting of certain news items can be considered as bias.

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