Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A geologist not a biologist: case closed

Updated 19/2/2010-Correction issued

ABC HEADLINE: "Push to change embattled climate panel"

ABC REPORTED: Prominent scientists call for changes to the IPCC process.

The COMPLAINT: The report indicates that Prof Bob Carter, quoted in the article, is a "marine biologist". Dr Bob Carter is in fact a geologist. Please correct the report.

Bob Carter  Online News

On February 8, in a story about calls to reform the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the ABC incorrectly referred to Dr Bob Carter as a marine biologist. In fact, he is a marine geologist.
COMMENT: BE ACCURATE! Isn't this the first rule of journalism?
ABC Editorial Policies indicate:
5.2.2(c) Be accurate.
(i) Every reasonable effort, in the circumstances, must be made to
ensure that the factual content of news and current affairs is accurate
and in context.
(ii) The ABC will not hesitate to admit and correct a significant error when
it is established that one has been made. When a correction is
necessary, it will be made in an appropriate manner as soon as
reasonably practicable.

When I think of marine biologists I always picture that Seinfeld episode in which George pretends to be one and saves a whale, whose blow hole was blocked by a golf ball, driven into the ocean by Kramer.

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