Saturday, February 27, 2010

I guess sh@! happens that way-no I in Johnny Cash classic

Updated with ABC response 24/3/2010-see below
ABC HEADLINE: "Johnny cash is 10 billionth iTunes download" News online 26/2/2010
ABC REPORTED: "A Johnny Cash song has become the 10 billionth song sold online by Apple iTunes. The track, I Guess Things Happen That Way, became the lucky song to net a customer a $US10,000 iTunes gift card."
THE COMPLAINT: The song is in fact titled "Guess things happen that way" I!
OUTCOME: received 24/3/2010: Thank you for your email regarding the Reuters article Johnny Cash is 10 billionth iTunes download, published on ABC News onlineABC News online has amended the Reuters typographical error.  It is not a breach of the ABC Editorial Policies. Thank you for taking the time to raise this important matter with the ABC.
COMMENT: Little things matter! ABC Editorial Policy 5.2.2. (c) Be accurate

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