Monday, May 20, 2013

Missing News: That climate sensitivity thing again

ABC take any and every chance to jump on news that supports an alarmist take global warming, however when the news fits a different picture, only crickets to be heard in those drab Ultimo corridors.

Heat going out of global temperature rises

GLOBAL temperature increases as a result of increased carbon dioxide levels in the Earth's atmosphere are likely to be lower than previously thought, an international research team has found.
The Oxford University-led study found that a predicted doubling of CO2 concentrations, expected to occur later this century, is likely to raise global temperatures in the short term by between 1.3C and 2C.

Update: ABC play catch up but fail to see the internal contradictions in their reporting. On the one the headline reads...New reports suggests global warming could be slower than first thought yet somehow this supports the notion that the "Longer-term warming trend will not change". Seems a few reporters forgot to pack their brains before heading off to Palais Ultimo this morning!
As for natural cycles being responsible, this has been the case of sceptical scientists for sometime, but you wouldn't have read about it on the ABC, because it doesn't fit their alarmist message.

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