Friday, May 17, 2013

ABC cross the 400ppm barrier..well sort of.

ABC's environmental activists were quick to report on levels of atmospheric CO2 from Mauna Loa that are approaching 400ppm. Based on a NOAA press release ABC claimed Carbon pollution hits highest point in 3 million years.

 "atmospheric carbon dioxide reached 400 parts per million for the first time in over three million years".

However after ABC's activist reporters jumped the gun with some rushed opinion pieces, NOAA adjusted the figure slightly downwards resulting in this update being posted, after we pointed it out (it seems ABC's fact checkers asleep at the wheel)...

"Since this article was published, NOAA revised the reading of the CO2 levels at Mauna Loa down to 399.89ppm, not 400ppm. The milestone has not therefore yet been reached, however the CO2 levels remain higher than at any time in the past three million years and continue to trend upwards."
ABC have not offered any further corrections (See below-only took a week). See how the LA times covered the correction here:  Carbon dioxide in atmosphere did not break 400 ppm at Hawaii site

SO with the northern hemisphere spring bringing plant growth that will soak up some of that CO2, we may need to wait until next year to see that magical figure of 400ppm daily average atm CO2  passed.  Mind you, with the climate's sensitivity to CO2 being lower than IPCC projections it seems in the long term that this will pass as a Y2K moment, rather than the climate Armageddon being actively promoted by the ABC. But of course those missing stories don't fit the ABC play book.

Update May 23
Hello Mr Hendrickx
Thanks for writing about this item on AM.
The story you refer to is a transcript of the program as broadcast on 11 May at 8am AEST.

While our original broadcast item did not make specific reference to a date on which the 400 PPM figure had been recorded, it was based on information from the NOAA that this had happened on 9 May, which at the time of our broadcast on 11 May we believe was still its advice.

As you point out, NOAA subsequently revised its reading for 9 May to below 400 PPM.

We are adding a note to the transcript of the program to reflect NOAA's revision of the 9 May reading, and to also note that the 400 PPM reading has at the time of this writing been recorded on a number of other days in May.

Shane McLeod
National Editor, Radio
ABC News

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    BoM data show that cyclone severity has been trending down for decades, but of course this doens't rate a mention from Sara Phillips or anyone else at the ABC.........


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