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Lies of the Climate Commission: Part 15 - The disgruntled summer

Some stats of extreme temperatures from the BOM listed below. Odd that in a year the climate was on"steriods" and the "Summer was Angry" ( friend ...perhaps "like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli") that 2012 and 2013 seem to be MIA. Perhaps not that angry after all. Just a little disgruntled perhaps? (from 0:48)

Hottest Day in December Australia:

Official records for Australia in December

Records valid as of 31 January 2013
DateStation NameStateStation
149.524 December 1972Birdsville Police StationQLD3800247-25.90139.35
249.421 December 2011RoebourneWA403512-20.78117.15
349.222 December 2011Onslow AirportWA501711-21.67115.11
449.123 December 1972MoombaSA1709639-28.11140.21
549.022 December 1972MarreeSA1703150-29.65138.06
549.006 December 1981Birdsville Police StationQLD3800247-25.90139.35
549.021 December 2011Roebourne AeroWA409011-20.76117.16

Hottest day in January

Official records for Australia in January

Records valid as of 31 January 2013
DateStation NameStateStation
150.702 January 1960Oodnadatta AirportSA17043117-27.56135.45
250.303 January 1960Oodnadatta AirportSA17043117-27.56135.45
349.803 January 1979Mundrabilla StationWA1100820-31.84127.86
349.813 January 1979Forrest AeroWA11004156-30.84128.11
549.710 January 1939Menindee Post OfficeNSW4701961-32.39142.42

Note Feb yet to be updated. here t'is:

Official records for Australia in February

Records valid as of 28 February 2013
DateStation NameStateStation
150.519 February 1998MardieWA500811-21.19115.98
249.821 February 1998Emu Creek StationWA6072111-23.03115.04
349.416 February 1998Emu Creek StationWA6072111-23.03115.04
449.209 February 1977MardieWA500811-21.19115.98
549.118 February 1998RoebourneWA403512-20.78117.15

And the National tally, not a single 2012 or 2013!


Highest temperature

StateTemperature (°C)DatePlace nameLatitudeLongitude
South Australia50.72 January 1960Oodnadatta-27.56135.45
Western Australia50.519 February 1998Mardie-21.19115.98
New South Wales49.710 January 1939Menindee-32.39142.42
Queensland49.524 December 1972Birdsville-25.90139.35
Victoria48.87 February 2009Hopetoun-35.72142.36
Northern Territory48.31 & 2 January 1960Finke-25.58134.57
Tasmania42.230 January 2009Scamander-41.46148.26

Lowest temperature

StateTemperature (°C)DatePlace nameLatitudeLongitude
New South Wales-23.029 June 1994Charlotte Pass-36.43148.33
Tasmania-13.030 June 1983Butlers Gorge-42.28146.27
-13.030 June 1983Shannon-42.05146.75
-13.030 June 1983Tarraleah-42.30146.45
Victoria-11.715 June 1965Omeo-37.10147.60
-11.73 July 1970Falls Creek-36.87147.28
Queensland-10.623 June 1961Stanthorpe-28.66151.93
-10.612 July 1965The Hermitage-28.21152.10
South Australia-8.220 July 1976Yongala-33.03138.75
Northern Territory-7.517 July 1976Alice Springs-23.80133.89
Western Australia-7.217 August 2008Eyre-32.25126.00

Rainfall - highest daily

StateRainfall (mm)DatePlace nameLatitudeLongitude
Queensland907.03 February 1893Crohamhurst-26.81152.87
New South Wales809.221 February 1954Dorrigo-30.34152.71
Western Australia747.03 April 1898Whim Creek-20.84117.84
Northern Territory544.615 April 1963Roper Valley-14.93134.01
Victoria375.022 March 1983Tanybryn-38.68143.68
Tasmania352.022 March 1974Cullenswood-41.59148.13
South Australia272.614 March 1989Motpena-31.19138.28

Rainfall - highest monthly

StateRainfall (mm)MonthPlace nameLatitudeLongitude
Queensland5387.0January 1979Bellenden Ker (Top Station)-17.29145.92
New South Wales1620.6January 1974Upper Crystal Creek-28.28153.31
Western Australia1540.4January 2011Kuri Bay-15.49124.52
Northern Territory1252.1January 2003Redbank Mine-17.19137.74
Victoria989.6July 1964Falls Creek-36.87147.28
Tasmania984.0October 1988Mount Mawson-42.68146.58
South Australia676.0March 1989Balcanoona-30.53139.30

Rainfall - highest annual

StateRainfall (mm)YearPlace nameLatitudeLongitude
Queensland12461.02000Bellenden Ker (Top Station)-17.29145.92
New South Wales4539.71950Tallowwood Point-30.35152.87
Tasmania4504.11948Lake Margaret Dam-41.99145.57
Victoria3738.51956Falls Creek-36.86147.28
Northern Territory2953.22000Channel Point-13.17130.12
Western Australia2380.62000Kimberley Coastal Camp-14.58125.91
South Australia1852.61917Aldgate-35.02138.75

Call that an Angry Summer? Now this is an angry summer (and spring and Autumn!)...

Maximum temperatures at Marble Bar, 1923/1924

Maximum temperatures at Marble Bar, 1 October 1923 to 28 April 1924 showing the record number of days over 100°F (37.8°C).

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