Monday, March 4, 2013

Lies of the Climate Commission: Part 14 - Climate on steriods!

A few years back ABC's resident Climate catastrophist, environmental activist Sarah Phillips, put together a post that linked weather events and the climate. In her piece "One swallow does not a summer make" Sara saw the signs of climate disaster in 2010's weather events, linking 7 weather events with dangerous man made climate doom.

The Climate Commission has gone one better and described the current weather as the "Angry Summer" due to "Climate on Steroids". In response to Sarah's piece we put together a list of Weather events for 1953 to compare. Here's a recap for those who think the Commission has jumped the shark (again).

Let's compare  the portents of climate doom of 2010 with another random year, lets take 1953,  before modern warming-surely things were much calmer back then.
"The blast, accompanied by hail, was brief but devastating and was followed by heavy rain"
"THE fiercest hailstorm in Melbourne's history yesterday damaged more than half the homes, Shops and buildings in the metropolitan area. Destruction is estimated at£1,500,000."
"Flooding rivers and creeks marooned at least, 175 motorists during the week-end."
"A heavy blanket of fog yesterday prevented the temperature in Canberra rising above 40.3 degrees, thus equalling the coldest July day on record."
"BRISBANE, Tuesday. A tornado caused more than £3,000 damage in less than two square miles in the Milchclton-Gaylhorne area near Brisbane to-day."
6.SNOW IN VIC.(in February!)
"MELBOURNE, Monday.-Snow was falling on the loftier peaks of the Victorian Alps to-night when a burst of wintry weather swept through the State."
"Betty McNamara, of Ultimo, and Len Williams, of Redfern, took their cocker spaniel for a swim at Bondi last night. They were cooling off after Sydney's record day of heat."

A pretty close match (to the seven). But wait there's more...

farmer dies in storm

lightning rocks suburbs

worst ever known

cyclones bring flood danger to east australian coast

worst fog in years "stopped" city for a night

You want steak knives with that?...

heavy flood damage in victoria

four injured by huge hailstones

hail havoc in north

grasshopper plague may be one of worst

but wait there's more...

threat of "worst potato famine for years"

gales lash tasmania seasickness — on hobarts ferry! 

richmond river floods make many homeless in lismore

storm lashes w.a. coastal areas

five tons of dead mice

hail havoc in north

rain damage at nubeena

we'll even throw in the table!

the 'cool change' made a mess of melbourne's summer frocks

corangamite flood areas "becoming worse"

dust storms ruin wheat

year of crazy weather

violent hail storm at st. marys

flood kills 10,000 qld. sheep 

bushfire on mountains

and the chairs...

bushfire peril in q'land

storm damage £50,000

sudden storm in city

storm disrupts strait shipping

storm lashes w.a. coastal areas

farmer dies in storm

drought warning

Hey take the whole dining room!

farmers facing drought ruin

drought hits coastal farms

drought plight in tablelands

drought decimates cattle

drought in the suburbs

drought hits north coast farms

wheat men fear drought

These are but a handful of the weird weather calamities to make the news in 1953. It seems like the swallows fly every year if you take the time to look out of the fishbowl.
More local, regional and international weather calamities from 1953 or other years can be found at the National Library's collection of Australian Newspapers

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