Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gergis Updates MIA

The Australian provide more detail on the withdrawal of the paper by Gergis et al trumpeted so loudly by the ABC.

Blog scrutiny forces reappraisal
... Mr McIntyre said: "If public policy is to be based on academic articles, the academics cannot claim intellectual property rights over their data but must permit close examination of their data." 
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Meanwhile, the only indication we can find thus far on the ABC (after the story broke almost two weeks ago) is a brief mention buried in a transcript on The Science Show that fails to credit the work done by Climate Audit in exposing the errors. You will need to click the transcript link to read the following:

Editor's Note: Since this story was originally broadcast, errors have been identified in aspects of the data processing which may affect the results of this study. As a result, publication has been delayed and the research has been withdrawn from online publication. Professor David Karoly of the research team says the data will be recalculated, peer reviewed and published in due course.

This is simply not good enough! The ABC should be ashamed of the low standard of its coverage on this issue.

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