Monday, May 21, 2012

Climate Death Threats Media Watchers play deaf dumb blind

Updated from last night.
Update: The Australian comments HERE
On tonight's Mediawatch program Jonathan Holmes seemed to suggest the Canberra Times did not report that ANU scientists were subject to death threats. From the transcript Holmes smugly states "But hang on, The Canberra Times article did not report that death threats had been made to academics at the ANU." As a result it suggested that The Australian's recent article on the issue was wrong. That CT article did not specifically mention death threats but these articles from the Canberra Times (Below) from last year did. And based on these, and the absence of any police investigation, the ANU claims are indeed debunked.
Article HERE
or how about this ONE...
Seems the Canberra Times article that Media Watch featured is no longer online...
UPDATE Media Watch have a PDF HERE
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The reporting on this issue by all parties is somewhat confused, some of the confusion caused by those involved. As to the other "death threats", we await the outcome of police investigations (Ed Are there any?).


  1. Very good. You've found AAP articles on the fairfax web site. Here's a version with the SMH branding:

    And here's a version with the age branding:

    That article is written AFTER the original beeby article, which you can find here:

    So you've demonstrated that AAP made the same mistake that the ABC did. The original canberra times article (as printed, in the canberra times, on june 4) said just what holmes says it did.

    I see that you've learned to type things into google. Well done.

  2. Holmes once again proved Newman's point about groupthink. Time for a new presenter. I think Gerard Henderson may be available.

  3. You don't think maybe the "groupthink" is somebody else's problem?

  4. With numerous activists posing as reporters the ABC definitely takes that prize.

  5. That original Canberra Times article has been published on the MW web site.


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