Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Missing Voices: Maurice Newman

Former ABC Chairman Maurice Newman has an Op Ed in The Spectator about wind farms:
Against the wind: The pursuit of clean energy has relegated ordinary people to the status of ‘collateral damage’
It includes this paragraph:

"I am not a conspiracy theorist, but we have witnessed the birth of an extraordinary, universal and self-reinforcing movement among the political and executive arms of government, their academic consultants, the mainstream media and vested private sector interests (such as investment banks and the renewables industry), held together by the promise of unlimited government money. It may not be a conspiracy, but long-term, government-underwritten annuities have certainly created one gigantic and powerful oligopoly which must coerce taxpayers and penalise energy consumers to survive."

These opinions oddly not covered thus far by The Drum, or any other ABC news service. I would have thought the ABC would be interested in the views of its former chairman. Perhaps later today?

1 comment:

  1. I continue to admire your optimism! :-)

    The ABC - a balanced, unbiased broadcaster it is not.

    Glad to see you are on deck for yet another year attempting to keep the ABC honest. Its charter seems an irrelevance.



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