Saturday, January 21, 2012

Missing News: Coral Reefs adaptable to climate change

In 2008 ABC news reported on the award of a State Government research grant to a north Queensland university student to continue researching how rising sea temperatures affect coral (Reef researcher wins Smart State grant). Odd then that that when the researcher in question has something positive to say about the adaptability of the reef to climate change that ABC choose not to report anything.

Just as well The Australian are there to fill in the gap with a good news story...
Coral breakthrough offers climate hope.
CORAL reefs may be much better able to adapt to rising sea temperatures due to climate change than previously thought, according to a breakthrough Australian discovery revealed yesterday.
The research undertaken at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) and published in the journal Nature Climate Change has overturned previously held assumptions about coral bleaching and which corals may survive in warmer waters.
According to PhD student Emily Howells, the findings demonstrate the potential for corals to adapt is more widespread than previously thought.
By Graham Lloyd, follow the link above to read the rest.

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