Monday, April 28, 2014

ABC and the case of the missing ass

It's been a quiet month here with many more important things on. This post by Tim Blair taking the ABC's fact checking unit to task caught our attention...


One of Julia Gillard’s final acts as Prime Minister was to give an extra $10 million to the ABC, a local community-based broadcasting outfit struggling to get by on a mere $1.2 billion every year.
That additional cash helped the ABC to fund an elite fact-checking unit ahead of last year’s election. Sadly, the ABC’s fact-checkers have since made little public impact. Their biggest success may have been crowding another truth-seeking bunch, the privately-funded PolitiFact Australia, out of the market.
But over the Anzac Day weekend the ABC’s fact-checkers finally hit their stride. 

A quick search through the NLA's trove archive revealed the following. This was the earliest report we could locate that mentioned Simpson and his donkeyS:
Kalgoorlie Miner Tuesday 20 July 1915


Some, of us were sitting yarning that evening, whilst the sun set over the sea turning the craters of Imbros into the dull grey of an elephant's hide set against a back ground of the most delicate rose— - when someone passing said: 'I suppose you've heard that the man with the donkeys is dead?" It came as a real shock. Every body knew the man with the donkeys, and everybody knew that ifa man deserved honour in this war, it was he.He was a stretcher-bearer. Few people knew his name. , To most he was 'Scotty' or 'Murphy'—those who called him the one called his donkey the other. He was really Private Simpson, of the 3rd Field Ambulance.


  1. I can imagine no other motive for their focus on the Simpson and donkeys story than an attempt at history revisionism. Stereotypically now, the ABC remains on side with a leftish "intelligentia" cult that seeks to deride much of our historical culture. In this case it attempted to erode the basis for traditional ANZAC Day remembrance tributes by contemporary Australians for those who served their country and especially those who gave their lives in war.

    I am told that the ABC quickly took down from its website a webpage covering this story after blistering early feedback.

    The connection of this story with the ABC Unit's role of fact checking political claims and statements escapes me. It must enjoy a cushioned stress-free and unaccountable existence thanks to its Labor-gifted flush of funding.


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