Thursday, November 28, 2013

James from Perth or NEW South Wales. ABC don't give a stuff

In October we noted some conflicting ABC reports about where the new climate council's first donation originated from. At the time ABC reported the following:

James in Perth?
'We had our first donation in last night from James in Perth - $15,' Dr Flannery told Breakfast this morning.

or James in New South Wales?
"We had our first donation from James in New South Wales for $15 at midnight," he said at the time.Tim Flannery suggested

We requested ABC follow this disparity up and yesterday we received this report from the Head of Audience and Consumer Affairs, Kirstin McLiesh:

Thank you for your email.  I regret the delay in responding to you.

The ABC accurately reported Dr Flannery’s statements on both occasions, as demonstrated by the video and audio footage accessible on the webpages to which you refer.  Whether the $15 donation was made by James in Perth or in New South Wales was not a material fact for the purposes of either of these reports and the ABC will not pursue this matter further.

ABC provided the climate council with free advertising and they can't even bother asking simple questions about un-important things like, um... facts!


  1. It would seem that the use of mythology by the so-called "council" in matters of climate change is also applied to claims about its financial support. Propagating the myth of a donor, James the Itinerant, is as easy as ABC.

  2. I just want to make it clear that the donation wasn't from me!


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